Management and rental of your property in bulgaria

If you are not going to spend the whole year in your Bulgarian apartment, we have an offer for the management of your property and its possible renting.

Option A: Property management

We offer the following services to the owner of an apartment in Bulgaria who buys a property from us:

  • Communication with energy suppliers, complex managers, authorities or maintenance staff.
  • Payment of advance payments for utilities such as electricity, water, TV, internet, taxes, etc.
  • Preparing the property for the winter season (e.g. defrosting, cleaning and unplugging the fridge, moving furniture from the balcony to the interior space, opening cupboard doors for ventilation and protection against damp and mould, turning off the water and electricity from the main circuit breaker, etc.).

The price is 180 €/year/apartment

Option B: Property management and rental to tourists

Includes everything as in Option A, plus arranging short-term rentals of your apartment or flat to tourists, combined with its comprehensive management. Tourists can come for a few days or months. We take care of all matters related to the rental and management of your property. We will look for and accommodate guests. We will hand over the apartment, inspect it before handing it over, clean it, change the bed linen or towels, arrange for them to be washed in a professional laundry.

The price is 250 €/year/apartment + 30% commission on rent

If you are interested in our offer for guaranteed rental income, you can find out more HERE

We are not a start-up company. We have many years of experience with rentals as well.

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Furnishing of property and reconstructions

We assist our clients not only in the purchase of an apartment, but also in its set-up or reconstruction. We advise where to get what equipment, what shop to choose, or we are happy to visit the shop with our clients and help with the selection (e.g. of electronics).

When renovating, we will recommend workers or take on the whole job ourselves.