Full real estate service

We have many years of experience in real estate sales mainly in Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey and Greece, but also elsewhere. These destinations offer beautiful and often cheap properties by the sea. Our speciality is real estate in Bulgaria.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, with FC FINANE-CONSULT ltd, we have been on the international market for 20 years. We own a large part of the properties we sell. We boast many satisfied customers - check out our references..

We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive real estate services and handle all the formalities associated with the purchase of property abroad. We can offer different repayment options, which in some cases are particularly advantageous. We arrange installment sales of our own properties abroad, especially in Bulgaria. , zejména v Bulharsku.

You don't sell and buy an apartment or house in Bulgaria every day. Leave it to us. We will advise you and save your nerves and time.

What services do we offer?

  • We analyze not only the condition of the property, but also its price.
  • We arrange a tour of the properties you have chosen.
  • We will examine the seller and all the documents of the property.
  • We prepare all contracts and documents with both buyer and seller for signing.
  • We will arrange legal and notary representation, resolve changes in the commercial register.
  • If necessary, we will process not only the contracts, but also the declaration of power of attorney in Bulgarian and Slovak.
  • We will translate and translate into Czech everything necessary.
  • We will transfer utilities (water, electricity, gas, internet, TV...).
  • We register and register the property in the land registry.

We have a wide range of quality properties on the Bulgarian coast in our personal ownership. In addition, we have our clients' properties, in which case we act and act purely as a real estate agency.

What we can offer next:

  • Renting your property.
  • Complete property management in Bulgaria.
  • Services related to the rental (from cleaning or changing the duvets to watering the flowers in your absence).
  • Financial services, bank loans, convenient private financing.
  • Valuation and estimation of real estate prices in Bulgaria.
  • Arrangement of permanent and temporary residence in Bulgaria at the address of your apartment.
  • Legal and investment services.
  • Company formation in Bulgaria and complete legal background for your business.
  • Vehicle registration at the office.

What is the procedure for buying a property in Bulgaria you can find out in our blog article.

Online viewing trip

The current difficult situation has forced us to make it possible to carry out tours of complexes and apartments on the Bulgarian coast also online. Thus, you can take a look at your chosen apartment by video-tour or live broadcast.
In case of your interest, we can arrange the whole tour process remotely, without the need to travel. So you can get your apartment by the sea right now, at a very affordable price (or in instalments) and from the comfort of your own home.

Our company prides itself on the satisfaction of its clients, so we have a unique opportunity for you: if you change your mind about the choice of apartment after the online tour, you can choose to select another apartment from our list of available apartments. If you find an apartment in the list that better meets your requirements, it is yours. Because we care about you! Why is Bulgaria worth it?

Real estate buy out

Our company buys out properties mainly by the sea. You can sell your apartment directly to us, thus saving yourself a lot of tedious and stressful activities such as searching for interested parties, lengthy visits to brokers and clients and hours of paperwork.

How to do it?

Send a detailed description of the apartment or property, including photos, to our email office@finance-consult.cz. Attach your personal details (name, surname, phone). Don't forget to include the asking price. We will then contact you (by phone or email) or arrange an on-site viewing.
Within a few days you will receive an offer from us to buy your property.

We are looking forward to cooperation!