About us

FC Finance - Consult Ltd was founded in 2005 by Assen Karailiev. Its activity consists in real estate, financial and investment consulting. Initially, the company offered properties for sale in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Spain and France. Later it specialized in real estate in Bulgaria.

After the global economic crisis in 2007 and 2008, the company not only did not go bankrupt like many others in these economically difficult times, but on the contrary strengthened its position in the market. We managed to introduce to the market the financial service of selling real estate in installments for 10 years with 0% down payment. This step was decisive for the further development of the company. In 2009, the company expanded its portfolio and offered its clients property management, rental options, airport transfers, trips and tours.

In April 2022, our company celebrated 17 years of international operation in all Europe. During its operation, the company has concluded contracts with almost 50 real estate agencies, which sell our properties by the sea and do intermediation for us.

Our company has trained dozens of brokers and agencies to sell real estate abroad. Some of them are now independent separate entities. In 2011, we established a club of company owners. Through related partner companies and individuals, we have a large portfolio of properties on the Bulgarian seashore under our personal ownership.




We have managed to give many international clients much more than just an ordinary apartment. In addition to our efforts to bring Bulgarian traditions, spirit and culture closer to our clients, we still manage to treat each client individually and maintain a personal approach to them. The owner and managing director of the company deals with each client personally. For almost 20 years we have managed to create a international minority in Bulgaria and all the time we have been actively involved in changing the Black Sea coast for the better.

We are happy to maintain a friendly approach with our clients and their satisfaction is our priority. We look forward to working with you!