Who is Assen Karailiev?

Eng. Assen Karailiev, founder of FC FINANCE-CONSULT Ltd, was born in 1975 in a small village in the Bulgarian mountains of Rodopi. His mother was a teacher of Bulgarian language and literature, his father worked as a construction manager in the construction of roads, schools and other buildings. Assen was attracted to his father's craft from childhood, and so at a young age his journey to build a business began.

In 1985, when Assen was ten years old, he helped his family build a house in his home village. His creative spirit never left him, so in a few years he rebuilt his family home in the mountains. His work was so inspiring that a Czech television trilogy, “The Magic of Rodopi”, was made, in which Assen even played the lead role.

From 1994 to 1999, he studied at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia and subsequently graduated in International Economic Relations. During his studies, he participated in a charity camp run by the Youth Alliance for Development in France, where a playground was built for a month. He worked in the international department at his alma mater in Sofia and became a scholarship holder of the French government in Paris. He is a co-founder of the International Association of Civil Engineering Students (Sofia local committee) - IACES. He is also a member of the IACES Alumni club.

In 2003, it was time to capitalize on the acquired knowledge and Assen started successfully selling Bulgarian real estate in Prague on the Czech and Slovak markets. After his sales experience, he did not hesitate to establish FC FINANCE-CONSULT Ltd in 2005.

But Assen is not just a goal-oriented entrepreneur. He loves music, he likes to sing and play the Rhodope Kaba Gajda. He loves Bulgarian traditions, history, culture and art and is actively involved in promoting them and trying to introduce them to his foreign clientele.

He played the bagpipes on the occasion of Melchior Kotnowski's book launch in Prague: YouTUBE Video

Humour is also an important part of Assen's life. Assen co-founded a student humor show where he was also the first performer. The show, called “Chaos Awards”, is still running today. Assen also co-founded the folk group “Bagpipers and Friends”. The ensemble has participated in many concerts and folklore events in Bulgaria and abroad. In our country it performed with the Brno-based Bulgarian dance troupe “Pirin”.

As a lover of good food, he took part in the culinary programme of the Czech Television “Kluci v akci”, where he presented Bulgarian cuisine. He also introduced us to Bulgaria while working on the Czech TV documentary “One Bulgarian Diagnosis”

Assen continues to educate himself, attending seminars in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Spain and other countries in order to increase his qualifications and improve his skills. He has travelled extensively throughout his life, living and working in Poland and France. He currently lives in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic and his life's wish and mission is that more and more foreigners get to know Bulgarian culture and traditions.